Cooking Show is a video series documenting the preparation of a single dish. From professional chefs to home cooks and everyone in between, we are peeking into Pittsburgh kitchens to watch local experts at work. Watch more in this series here.


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After four years, North Oakland casual dining spot Butterjoint has introduced a veggie burger. More precisely, co-owner Trevett Hooper (who’s also busy at work on his new culinary project Pie for Breakfast and, of course, the critically praised Legume) and the kitchen crew introduced their Tepary Tempeh Bean Burger, made from fermented tepary beans, a high-protein legume (ahem) native to the southwestern U.S. and Mexico that native Americans often grew in conjunction with squash and corn in the classic “Three Sisters” arrangement.

Like most things at Legume, the process of transforming the tepary bean into a burger is respectful of the product—which in this case also means it’s laborious. For this episode of Cooking Show, chef and co-owner Trevett Hooper reveals the bean-to-grill approach that Butterjoint takes to make its veggie burger.