Cooking Show is a video series documenting the preparation of a single dish. From professional chefs to home cooks and everyone in between, we are peeking into Pittsburgh kitchens to watch local experts at work. Watch more in this series here.


dinkus trio


If Thai Gourmet reminds you of a diner, it is with good reason. In the fall of 2004, the restaurant took over the home of longtime diner Rose Café by way of the brief Vietnamese restaurant Pho Saigon. The wall-to-wall wood paneling left over from the diner days has been replaced with calming, pink walls, broken up with luscious green plants and paintings depicting different eras of the Thai royal family, predominantly Rama IX, the current King of Thailand, and Rama V, who saved what is now Thailand from British colonization. The restaurant’s inviting vibe—plus reasonably priced, delicious fare—has made Thai Gourmet a Bloomfield favorite.

For this episode of Cooking Show, watch head chef Vilavan Anan Vong cook a really tasty Pad Kee Mow.