Help build The Glassblock, a web magazine of Pittsburgh.


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What kinds of submissions are we looking for?

The Glassblock aims to chronicle life and culture in Pittsburgh while spotlighting creative work from the traditional to the avant-garde. Our purpose is to celebrate, inform, assess, and entertain, highlighting the threads that connect all of our communities.

We are interested in the intersection of Pittsburgh and history, geography, personalities, technology, language, food, sex, design, work, activism, environmentalism, infrastructure, social justice, sentimentality, oddity, humor, debate, tradition, change, and the future. We are interested in reexamining subjects everyone’s familiar with and discovering novelties nobody’s heard of.

We are interested in fiction and nonfiction of all kinds: Essays. Portraits. Interviews. Reviews. News items. Opinion columns. Critiques. Quizzes. Explainers. Memoirs. Short stories. Flash fiction. Poetry. Comics and graphic narratives. Jeremiads. Love letters. Exhortations. Odes.

We are interested in working with writers and other artists to explore the potential of video, audio, visual art, mapping, infographic, and other mediums in addition to the written word.

We are interested in critical discussion of culture and the arts. Are you looking to submit a new album, upcoming art exhibit, film, collection of writing, or any other project for review or consideration? Do you want to premiere a new music video or stream your new record? Or, do you simply have a tip, a question, or a story request?

We are interested in submissions from lifelong Pittsburghers, new Pittsburghers, former Pittsburghers, future Pittsburghers, and the Pittsburgh-curious.


dinkus trio


Submission Guidelines:

The Glassblock needs you in order to come to life! We’re committed to paying contributors for original pieces, and we look forward to working with you.

We are interested in your submission, even if it’s just a vague notion—though finished pieces or well-crafted outlines are ideal. Please include examples of your previous work. We are only able to accept work that has not yet been published. You’ll retain full copyrights, and we will confirm contractual specifics upon inquiry.